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Top Tips for SARS eFiling

Tax season 2018 has arrived and has been in full swing since the 1st July 2018. In our previous article, Tax Season 2018, we outlined some need to know information about tax deadlines and when to file a tax return. Below follow some tips to help you eFile.

Register for eFiling
Anyone with access to a computer and the Internet can register for eFiling and by doing so avoid long queues. Just visit www.sarsefiling.co.za and click on the appropriate icon on the top right of the page to register. If you have already registered go straight to the login.

  • To register you must be a registered taxpayer with a tax reference number.
  • Allow for up to 48 hours for SARS to verify and approve your registration.
  • Submit requested documentation within 21 business days.
  • Always keep your login details in a safe place and never share this information with anyone.
  • If you have forgotten your password/login get prompted by clicking on the green login button and follow the prompts OR call the contact centre and have your tax and ID number on hand.

Have your supporting documents available
In order to file your personal tax return, you will need to check that the information already filled in by SARS is correct and provide additional information where required. In order to do this accurately, you may need to refer to supporting documents. It is also possible that SARS might ask you to submit these documents to verify the information and/or any changes you made.

These documents may include your IRP5 tax certificate from your employer, your Medical Aid Scheme income tax certificate, the information and receipts of medical expenses that your Medical Aid did not cover, your tax certificate reflecting your Retirement Annuity contributions, and your detailed logbook recording your business travel for the year.

Be aware of scams & phishing
Tax Season always brings with it those who want to take advantage of the process by using what appears to be legitimate emails, letters and sms’s to lure people into sharing personal information, banking or login details. When using SARS eFiling all official correspondence will be filed online in your inbox for you to access. Any emails or sms’s received by SARS will direct you to the SARS eFiling portal to access the notices.

  • Always verify the authenticity of emails you receive and do not open emails from unknown sources.
  • SARS will never request your banking details by phone/email or website.
  • Taxpayers will never be required to give any personal, banking, eFiling or tax details to SARS over email.

Refer to the SARS Guides
SARS have developed handy step-by-step guides to assist you – simply download the SARS pocket guide and systematically follow their directions.

Ask for Help
It is important that you file an accurate tax return. If you are uncertain about anything along the way there are a number of avenues you can take:

  • Contact Centre – Call 0800 00 7277 (0800 00 SARS) to speak to a SARS agent.
  • Help-You-eFile – Visit “Help-you-eFile” online and have a SARS agent call you, share your computer screen view and assist you.
  • Ask a Tax Professional for help. Not only will they be able to assist you, they may also be able to help you reduce the amount of tax that you pay, where applicable.

If at any point we at Fenns can be of service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you.